Company Project

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Create a Company Profile presentation on a company that is of interest to you and your career goals. It might be a company where you are currently employed or where a friend or family member works. Or it might be a company you admire or where you buy products.

Your Company Profile Project should thoroughly examine the following areas and comprise the following, depending on whether you prepare a paper or presentation:

  • PowerPoint Presentation: At least 10-12 slides of content

Provide a separate title and final References page/slide. Also, be sure to incorporate appropriate text as well as charts and graphics into your paper or presentation.

Be sure to include in-text reference citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA or MLA format and style in your report. In addition to your textbook, you should include at least 3 additional quality reference sources for a total of not less than 4 references.

  1. Company Overview
  • Location (address) of company headquarters
  • Brief (no more than 1slide) history of the company
  • Mission or Vision statement
  • Company statistics (# of employees, locations, etc.)

2 Industry Overview

  • What industry does the company operate in?
  • Who are the firm’s major competitors (top 3)?

3. Marketing Overview and the 4 P’s

  • Description of the target market
  • Key products and/or service lines
  • Pricing strategies
  • Distribution issues, if applicable
  • Promotional strategies (advertising, personal selling, word-of-mouth, etc.)

4. Financial data over the past three-to-five years (e.g. 2012-2016)

  • Comment on the company’s profitability over the past 3-5 years. Is the company profitable? E.g. are its revenues greater than expenses?

5. International Operations, if applicable

  • Current international operations outside the U.S. (specify countries and products)
  • Intended growth/expansion into new global markets (specify which ones)

6. Review of key management personnel

  • Brief profile of founder(s) and current CEO/President
  • Identify other key officers within the company (i.e. CFO, COO, CTO, etc.)

7. SWOT analysis

  • What are the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are its external opportunities and threats? E.g. political, economic, social, global, technological

8. Your assessment and future predictions

  • Where will the company be in 3-5 years in terms of size and scope of operations, markets served, competitive position, etc?
  • Based on your research, what are 2-3 critical success factors (CSFs) that your firm needs to pay attention to going into the future?

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