Community Health Workers and The Code of Ethics

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Please answer the questions below in your reflection.The paper should be written in an essay format with complete sentences and paragraphs.You will need to type it (12 pt Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins).You will also be graded on spelling and grammar so please double check before you hand in your assignment. The length should be roughly two pages double spaced

  1. Explain two (be specific and provide detail) CHW code of ethics that would be violated by this study if it were conducted today.
  2. How do you think that this study impacted health in the African American community?There are multiple ways to look at this.
  3. How would this study be done differently if it were conducted today?What legal and ethical aspects would have to be considered?
  4. In your eyes should this study have been conducted?If yes, what aspects were ok and what aspects would you change?If not, explain your reasoning.

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