Common Core State Standards

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Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) establish clear expectations for student
learning and are the standards for a set of learning for all students in the
United States regardless of geographic location. This discussion is focused on CCSS and the role these standards
take in the school setting. 

There are two parts to this discussion as explained below. 

  • Part One: First, in one paragraph, summarize your understanding
    of the foundation of the CCSS for Math and English Arts. Next, adopting
    the perspective of a teacher leader, in at least two paragraphs, evaluate
    how CCSS (Math and English Language Arts) can be used to influence the use
    of technology-enhanced differentiated instructional strategies to support
    the needs of all learners. Finally, in one paragraph, justify why it is
    important to have purposeful planning of differentiated instructional
    strategies to promote student learning and provide at least one specific
    example to support your justification.
  • Part Two: Include a link to your ePortfolio (Pathbrite) in your initial
    post along with a one-paragraph reflection about your experience with the
    redesign for the Week One Assignment in terms of challenges you
    encountered and how you overcame those challenges. Be sure to include any
    difficulties you experienced in revising to meet the components of 21st
    century student outcomes and 21st century support systems.

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