Commercial Logging in Business

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I need support with this Biology question so I can learn better.

Discussion Question 1: In what ways is plant reproduction similar to human reproduction? How is is different? Consider structures and functions and males and females.

Discussion Question 2: If my house plants can make their own food (glucose) then why does it matter what kind of soil I plant them in and why should I waste money on fertilizer for them?

Discussion Question 3: My daughter is a vegan; she does not eat any animal products (milk, eggs, cheese, or meat). I worry sometimes that she is not getting all of the nutrients she needs to stay healthy. What plant products would you suggest she consume and why? What would you see as a danger to an uninformed adolescent becoming a vegetarian?

Discussion Question 4: What questions do you have or wisdom would you like to share about the topics in this lesson?

Discussion Question 5: Commercial logging is big business.  In some cases the trees of the forests are clear cut.  How does this affect photosynthesis, global warming, flooding and fires?

Discussion Question 6: What do you believe is the most beneficial plant species that humans can plant and grow?  Why? Consider the world and not just your local area.  What could happen to this plant species if the growing climate for it experiences extreme drought and flooding? 

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