Commenting on classmates discussion on colonialism and modernization

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Peer Response Guidelines: Respond to the initial posts of at least two of your peers who were assigned the other two concepts. For example, if you were assigned modernization, respond to at least one peer assigned to colonialism and one peer assigned to globalization. Defend your position that installing water wells is the result of the concept you were assigned more than the concept your peers were assigned. Draw on your initial post in defending your position. Remember, it is OK to disagree with your peers as long as you do so kindly and with specific points.

I have provided my discussion too

Classmate # 1 Karen

While trying to provide a way for all people to have access to clean drinking want is not unethical, how that method and the stipulations for that technology can be unethical. In my post I will be discussing the concept of colonialism. “Colonialism refers to the political, economic, and cultural domination by one country over another, or over an entire region.” (Mindsedge, 2018). With this concept being so abrasive and really a takeover, the access to clean water would be more for the occupying counties vice the locals and natives. It would be disguised as “gift” of some sort to make the locals feel as if the occupying country is trying to help the area grow and expand. Having clean fresh water is a main part of an infrastructure. Colonialism would share this knowledge in hopes to gain trust providing a more civil take over. Kind of like “I provided you this service now you owe me…” I think that providing this technology is awesome but if done with colonialism being the motivator that defiantly makes it unethical. It is a technology that is provided with the wrong motives, and for the gain of the occupying country instead of helping the local economy become self sufficient and heathier.

Classmate # 2 Kaitlyn

Modernization provides a framework that emphasizes how development will take place through a combination of industrialization, political reform, rational thinking, an increasing reliance on science and technology, and more bureaucratic forms of governance, all modeled on the history of European societies (MindEdge, 2016).

Modernization can be considered as a more improved society with the everyday needs available pretty much instantly. There are numerous countries with villages that rely on well water to drink, cook, bathe, washing laundry and various other everyday needs. Without water wells the only water available for villages could possibly be contaminated and could be miles away. Modernization in the United States consist of regular updates that include filtered water inside houses and bottle water.

The United States has been modernized so I believe it would be unethical. Homes inside the city usually rely on city water, while some counties have well water. I live in New Bedford, MA which is a city area and we have tap water whereas my friend who lives 20 minutes from me in Westport, MA has well water. Installing water wells in the United States would be more of an economic process rather than a cultural process.

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