College application Essay. 350 words or 400 words max

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This is an essay for me to write to a another university I am trying to get into . Its parts of the application. Im trying to go to University of Chicago In Illinois. In there business school specifically. Im transferring from community college to this school. Im trying to be an accountant degree there. Im transferring from oak ton community college. i need this essay to look very good to get my chances higher to get in. Im wanting to get an accounting degree there at UIC. This essay essay needs to look sharp so the admission office is impressed. Im going to be commuting. If further questions are needed from me to write this essay best as possible let me know. This is the only school i want to get in so this essay has to look good so my chances to get in are higher. I need all the help i can get to get this essay too look good. I will be available to answer any further questions if needed. The essay should be longer then two pages. I only want to get into there business school and hold a degree for accounting one day. I chose accounting because my older brother is an accounting major from depaul university but that school is way out of my budget and I picked UIc if I get it in. Its much more affordable for me and my parents. Business is something that in my blood and that the only things that interests me and being able and being accounting helps a persons ability to do business really well and keep track of numbers to the dot. I also picked being an accounting major because looking over the job market every major company needs an accounting keep track of numbers. Also an accounting job is more steady paced and long term rather then being contract based.

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