Cockpit design impact to improve human performance

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write a 4-5 page paper about(not including title page and references): Cockpit design impact to improve human performance.

In an analyzation of cockpit design, the analysis will discuss human factors research regarding the operative performance of future cockpit designs, how effectively designs interact with the human element during all operational conditions. Particularly, what will be addressed the crucial modernizations in the functioning methods at how the new technology is adopted and the results of cooperation between designers and pilots to maximize performance in the cockpit. Overall, the objective is to recognize the necessities for new flight deck technology and to gauge the developing technologies and the benefits that arise from the implementation of advanced technologies in the flight deck. The main aspect is the interaction between the human-machine interaction and the design to maximize effectiveness in the flight deck environment.

Also talk about the Psychology impact of newer cockpit designs

APA format, no abstract, at least 4 scholarly references.

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