Classroom Management Plan

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Prepare a detailed, research-based, Classroom Management Plan PowerPoint that you can present to parents or the community. Use the required text, assignments/information from this course, and outside sources along with your personal experiences to complete this assignment. Your presentation must be inviting and include a minimum of 15 slides. If you have the technology, you may include sound/voice if you would like. This assignment must include at least 5 references/in-text citations and follow current APA formatting standards. This assignment must be submitted via Blackboard.

Your presentation must include the following:

  • Philosophy of classroom management;
  • Class description (grade level, type of school, number of students, any other relevant data);
  • Classroom rules;
  • Rewards and consequences;
  • Record-keeping system;
  • Explain how differentiated instruction is incorporated in your lessons (include these populations as well: special needs, ESOL, gifted);
  • Explain parent communication;
  • Floor plans/classroom arrangements; and
  • References.

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