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Many Americans who vote in a Presidential election believe they are voting directly for a candidate. In actuality, they are voting for a slate of electors who will cast their ballots in the Electoral College. These electors ultimately select the President and Vice President.

Some believe it is time to change this process, and elect the President and Vice President by a direct nationwide popular vote of the people. For this assignment, please provide arguments on both sides of the equation – keeping the current Electoral College system or changing to a nationwide direct popular vote election of the president.

Your completed presentation should include at least the following elements:

  1. A comprehensive explanation of the Electoral College and how it works to elect the President and Vice President of the United States.
  2. The reasons the founders of the United States created an Electoral College and included it in the Constitution, instead of having a direct nationwide popular vote election of the President.
  3. The total number of Electoral College votes, and how many electoral votes are needed to become President.
  4. Provide an explanation of how electors are divided or apportioned amongst the various states. For instance, how many electors are apportioned to each state, and what is the method used for apportioning these electors? Which states have the most electors, and why? Which states have the least number of electors, and why?
  5. How are the number of each state’s electors related to a state’s representation in the Congress – in terms of House members and Senators? Also, who are these “electors” and how are they selected?
  6. What happens after the November General Election leading up to Inaugural Day? For instance, explain what happens in each of the state capitols in mid-December and during a joint session of Congress in early January following the November General election.
  7. Finally, compare and contrast the U.S. system of electing the President with the system used in another country of your choice. For instance, how does the selection of the President of France, or the Prime Minister of Great Britain, or the Chancellor of Germany, compare and contrast with the system of electing the President of the United States?

15 slide PowerPoint Presentation 

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