Christian worldview and ethics

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The format and instructions are the same for each: questions must be answered in 250-300 words. You must include one scholarly source for each essay question in addition to the textbook. Submit in a Word document to LoudCloud. Please Cite in APA format

Question 1: Explain the major underlying worldview questions asked by every worldview or view of reality. How do these questions interact with one’s ethical thinking and practice?

Question 2: How does a Christian worldview influence the discussion of moral responsibility (whether or not you share this worldview)? In ways does the Christian worldview compare and contrast with alternative worldviews? In other words, what difference does a Christian worldview make when considering how one ought to live or what one ought to do?

Question 3: Respond to the following claim: The teaching of ethics and the study of worldviews are both necessary, particularly in a pluralistic society. I’m

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