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PART1- answer the following questions (q1 &q2) each question (q1 &q2) is to be about 850+ words each with at least 2 apa references for each question (q1 q2) along with in text citations 

  1. In what ways is the police administrator exposed to liability? What can he/she do to reduce this liability exposure?
  2. What is necessary for positive organizational change to occur within a police agency? 


part two is 4 feedback responses- this will be later after part 1 is completed. What i need here is when my fellow classmates post their answers to the above questions (q1 q2) I need you to provide 150 word feedback to their response. You can choose to respond to either question or both questions, the main thing is 150 words with 1 apa reference. the purpose to provide info they do not have in their answer or expand on what they have written. very not critique as far as grammatical errors etc.. just expand knowledge… so for 4 people it totals to 4 references and 600 words total.. (150 for each person)

the total time i am giving will vary, but i am going to put 6 days, however i need part 1 to be completed by Wednesday. 

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