​CH 5 Assignment HIMSR Electronic Health Records

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CH 5 Assignment HIMSR — Electronic Health Records

Submit your responses to the following questions (Part 1 and Part 2) in a Word document.

Part 1:

  1. Prepare (create) a scenario that depicts a patient arriving in an emergency department of a health care facility that uses an electronic health record (EHR). The following areas are part of this EHR (listed in no particular order here): clinical laboratory, radiology imaging, pharmacy, master patient index, online transcription, and discharge databases.
  2. In your scenario describe (in a Word document) the patient’s experience from arrive to discharge and indicate how data are accessed and captured to support the care process.

You can sketch out the visit in a flowchart then address how data is captured and/or accessed at each point of the patient’s visit/stay to the health care facility. Be creative in your description. What happened to the patient? What were the findings at each step of the visit? What information was captured and how does it support the care process?

Use MS Word Smart Art to sketch out your flow chart.

Part 2:

Planning for EHR — the health information management role.

A 400-bed hospital announced it will begin a multi-year project to develop EHRs. The process is being defined and mapped out in an institutional information technology master plan.

As the Health Information Manager, you are participating in this process. Your topic is EHRs.

Discuss the definition of an EHR, then discuss the major functions of EHR systems that would be addressed in the master plan.
Be sure to consider the big picture (all of the users of the EHR). What systems should be included in your research? Hint see question 1.

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