CCJ3600 Police Administration Case Study

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Answer each question 1-4 minimum of 300 words. Use provided material (PDF book) as well one additional source to answer each question. Remember to use in-text citations in each new paragraph. Reference/cite in APA format. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Here is the reference for the PDF: Cordner, G. W. (2016). Police administration (9th ed.). New York: Routledge.

1.) Read Case Study 2, “Rixton” (the case study is located at the end of the weekly reading assignment). In narrative format give an overview of the facts and issues of this case study.

2.) Describe how the officers’ behaviors might be improved by using the basic principles of police organization as well as policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and discipline

3.) Is there any time that too many policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and discipline can lead to problem employees? Give some examples.

4.) If you were appointed to the lead executive of a law enforcement organization. Would you rather take over a department with numerous policies and procedures in place or one with very few? What are the benefits of one over the other?

5.) Answer 150 words. In the text, the author discusses several key organizational principles that are used to help guide the structure of law enforcement organizations. Identify at least three of these principles and explain why they are important. (must use provided material for this answer).

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