For A-plus Writer

For A-plus Writer

complete education based assessment task

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deductive vs inductive reasoning quiz 1


Following our discussion of chapter 1, please complete the following quiz as homework. The quiz gives examples of either inductive or deductive reasoning. So please do your best on the first attempt. You have 10 minutes per each attempt at the quiz.

I will upload the question in the last 10minutes of the time for you do complete it.

NIOSH Critical Review

I need a critical review done ASAP. 4 hour deadline

Perform a critical review of the following NIOSH Publication:

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2007). Ergonomic guidelines for manual material handling (DHHS [NIOSH] Publication No. 2007-191). Retrieved from

You must specifically summarize and analyze the following information in the indicated NIOSH publication:
 Engineering and administrative improvements
 Proactive action plan
 The three improvement options mentioned in the publication
However, you may also discuss any other topics you find interesting in publication.
The project must include, at minimum, the following components:
1. Introduction
2. Engineering and Administrative Improvements
3. Proactive Action Plan
4. Improvement Options
5. Summary of your own opinions and comments on what you learned from the publication.
Your answer to this assignment must be three to five pages, double spaced, and 12 point font (separate title page and reference page are not included in the page length). It is required that students use APA style for papers and projects. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.



Explain how the lack of metrics for measuring certain software properties affects the software engineering discipline.

Explain how the lack of metrics for measuring certain software properties affects the software engineering discipline.

Indesign-Complete five basic type arrangement

The requirement and contents are in the attachment. The due day is tomorrow 13:00.

disscuion board answer and reply

Which foreign country would you be willing to relocate to for business? What is the culture of that country? (You may want to compare the Hofstede culture dimensions of your chosen country with those of the USA @ (Links to an external site.)). What are your biggest fear? Any do’s and don’ts to be considered while interacting with the locals?

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help with paper 2

After reading the literary works in Assignments 9-12, please write a 2-page, double spaced, typed paper discussing what these particular works reveal about the INDIVIDUAL and the effects of his/her war experiences, despite whether WWI, Vietnam, or any other war. Is there a particular theme or two that emerges?



“The Things They Carried”         

                                     â€œDulce et Decorum Est”             

 â€œThe Red Convertible                            

                                     â€œFacing It”



Dropbox Assignment 

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Inappropriate Behavior

Marwan has worked at Studio Five Theme Park as a character actor portraying a swash-buckling pirate. He does not have an employment contract.  He loves his job because of his seniority with the company and all the attention he receives from the guests in the park. Unknown to anyone, his prosthetic leg has no noticeable impact on Marwan’s success in this position.

Marwan has become an accomplished flirt with all this attention, and now goes to the extent of placing his hands on the female guests’ behinds when posing for pictures. The women he has encountered so far have not complained, didn’t seem to mind, or they were taken by such surprise they were not sure how to respond.

One day, Marwan grabbed the breast of one of his fellow female actors who had been recently hired. When she threatened to report him, Marwan told her that he could get her fired if she did not go on a date with him. The fellow employee reported the incident anyway and Marwan was terminated immediately. Marwan contends that he was terminated as a result of physical disability.


Research employment law related to hiring/firing and discrimination, using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Based on the facts of the case and research, write an analytical paper. In the paper, respond to the following questions:

  • What civil rights laws may prohibit Marwan’s conduct with his fellow co-worker? Do those laws apply to his conduct toward the park guest?  Explain both answers.
  • Did Marwan commit sexual harassment? If so, what type? Explain your answers and the terms you use.
  • What is the legal nature of Marwan’s employment?  Explain your answers and the terms you use.
  • What actions and steps should Studio Five take against Marwan? Explain what actions you considered and why you either recommend them or reject them.
  • Discuss Marwan’s allegation that he is being discriminated against based on his disability and what response Studio Five may have to that allegation. What would each of them have to prove in court?
  • If the female employee sues Studio Five Theme Park, what defenses can Studio Five use?   Are they liable for Marwan’s conduct even if they were unaware of and did not approve of Marwan’s actions? Explain your answers and the terms you use. 
  • If Marwan was a member of a union that had a collective bargaining agreement with Studio Five, would that change any of your previous answers?
  • What types of company policies, procedures, and actions should businesses employ to avoid harassment of their employees?

Write a ten-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards for writing style to your work.

Submit your assignment to the M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox by Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.doc.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Described the civil rights laws that may prohibit Marwan’s conduct with his fellow co-worker and explained if these laws applied to his conduct toward the park guest.


Explained what type of sexual harassment Marwan committed and the legal nature of his employment.


Described the actions and steps Studio Five should, take against Marwan.


Discussed Marwan’s allegation that he is being discriminated against based on his disability, Studio Five’s probable response to the allegation and what each side would need to prove in court.


Explained the defenses Studio Five could use if the female employee sues them and explained whether the park would be liable for Marwan’s conduct even if it was unaware of Marwan’s actions.


Explained the impact a union with a collective bargaining agreement with Studio Five would have had on this case.


Explained the types of company policies, procedures, and actions businesses should employ to avoid harassment of their employees.


Writing Components (20% of LASA 1 grade)

Organization (16 points): Introduction, Thesis, Transitions, and Conclusion.

Usage and Mechanics (16 points): Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence structure.

APA Elements (20 points): Attribution, Paraphrasing, and Quotations.

Style (8 points): Audience, and Word Choice.






need help for questions 1 2 and 3 for my project

Need assistance for my project. Only Questions 1,2 and 3 needs to be done.
The PDF file contains the questions and the excel sheet is the data file.

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