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it is a External analysis

i need 3-4 pages 

First I want you to read the case then I want to do the following

You should identify the key success factors (KSF) for the industry. What are the critical factors that determine whether a firm will be successful in this industry?  What must a firm deliver to be successful? You should identify 3-5 factors that are unique to being successful in this industry and give examples of companies that illustrate each key success factor. Be specific on how you know these factors are important to be successful.

Don’t try to cover everything a company needs to do to be successful (i.e. make a good product, make money, have good employees….) but try to focus on what is unique to being successful in this industry. What differentiates the successful and not so successful companies?

Key Factors: Expanded Strategic Group Map, list all factors that is important and then put the companies on that map. Can create map or just list the factors. Key factors are customers perspective or stakeholders perspective. What they want from the industry as a whole. If you are sending your daughter to girls scout what are you expecting.

Here are what family want form the company and you can use it as key success factors: time management, communication skills, responsibility. 

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