Case study and Discussion and Response

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Discussion Questions (listed below)

Chapter 11:1.Why are Google, Apple, Tesla, Fitbit, Dyson, and Intel considered innovative?

2.Did branding play a role? For which brands?

3.What other brands would you nominate? Why?

4.What role did branding play in your judgment for those brands?

Chapter 13 In order to revitalize its brand with women, Reebok, the company that rode the aerobics craze over two decades ago, introduced Jukari Fit to Fly, an exercise program designed with Cirque du Soleil. A piece of equipment, the Fly Set, allows a person to fly through the air hanging on to a low trapeze. The goal is to invent a new fitness fad in exercise establishments with a program that is supported by a line of Reebok clothing.

  1. Is this a transformational or substantial innovation that defines a new category or subcategory?
  2. Evaluate its pros and cons for Reebok.

Two Discussions Required: Provides an excellent discussion post,
which provides clear evidence of application and relevance to the course
content. In addition, the grading rubric specifically
examines whether your response relates to the content of the chapter; please
make sure that you are clearly linking your discussion answer and responses to
the material. Proper cites and references must be used; plagiarism
will result in a zero. The last things I need you to response other’s
discussions and be adding new thought into the discussion through your replies.
Discussion post provides clear evidence of application of the relevance to the course content. The information is original or has provided references and citations.

Two Case study (listed below)

Case study 1 from Chapter 10:How Sephora Creates Beauty Across Brand Touchpoints

Case study 2 from Chapter 12: Growing the Audience for Hamilton

Two Case study required: Answer the questions thoroughly. Use information from the text to bolster your arguments and justification. Your response should be approximately 1-2 pages doubles paced.

Content: The essay answers the question clearly with sufficient explanation. It reflects original thought, sound logic and provides ample supporting detail, which needs references and citations. This will make for a strong, convincing response. The writer projects a consistent and mature voice throughout the response.

Presents Specifics from the Applicable Chapter/Content: The essay provides multiple references to specific information presented in the chapter and/or learning materials.

Sentence Structure, Grammar, Mechanics, and Spelling: All sentences are well constructed and have varied structure and length. The author makes no errors in grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling

The format for this needs to be either MLA or APA (just be consistent in choice of format).

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