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An ever going struggle hasbeen present about the concept of leadership: are we born; made or become leaders? With reference to B628 attached article, and course material, you are requested to answer the following TMA questions in 2000 words

Question 1

Discuss the concept of a leader. Is a leader born or made? Reflect in your discussion not only on B628 course material particularly chapter 7 but also on the article in hand. Reflect in your discussion on how the author sees the leader from both theoretical and personal experience (word limit: 1000 words).

Question 2

Being a leader is an on-goingstruggle and debate. Discuss, based on your course material, how leadership skills can be developed. Reflect on the article in this regard. Support your answer with evidence from external reference (1000 words).

Format: Write your answers in essay format. Failing to do so could result in grade deduction from presentation marks up to 5 marks. You may, however, use bullet points, diagrams, tables, or any graphs to support your arguments.

Referencing:Use the Harvard referencing style for in-text referencing and make a Table of References at the end. Failing to do so could result grade deduction of up to 5 marks.

Research: In addition, although text books assigned in the course may be used freely as references,you are required to use a minimum of 2 external sources. It is recommended that you use scholarly studies found in the E-library link at the LMS. Failing to do so could result in grade deduction of referencing marks up to 5 marks.

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