Case studi

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Please do all case scenarios following the assignment guidelines.  

Please provide an example of a case studi with the provided presenting complaint specific to each of these systems. This case should present the clinical approach and decision-making process involved in diagnostic reasoning and therapeutic decision-making.  

You will present a Fictitious Illustrative Case presentation on the following topics 

  1. A neurological complaint of daily Migraines in a 48 yr old female.  
  2. Cardiovascular – HTN- BP – 180/90 average BP for a 55 yr old man with no other medical conditions. 
  3. Diabetes- HgA1c- 11.0 – first office visit for a 50 yr old obese female  
  4. Orthopedics- Low back pain in a 45 yr old male construction worker 
  5. EENT- 7 yr. old with ear pain  

Include the following in each case:

Subjective data- questions to be asked 

Objective data- Expected physical findings 

Differential Diagnosis 

Cannot miss the diagnosis 

Final Diagnosis 

Clinical Guidelines for specific diagnosis 




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