Case assignment 2

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Module 2 – Case


Assignment Overview

Cloud hosting has become an important part of the Information Technology infrastructure in firms. Selecting the correct cloud vendor has ramification for quality of service, security, and cost for the firm.

Here are lectures to prepare you for this assignment:

Module 2 Lecture 1: Information Management in the 2010s:

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Module 2 Lecture 2: IT Infrastructure:

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Case 2 Review Quiz: This quiz will not count toward your grade but allows you to assess your knowledge.

Case Assignment

When selecting a cloud hosting vendor, the Service Level Agreement must be considered. Find at least two cloud hosting vendors. Google and Microsoft are cloud hosting vendors—also Rackspace and others.

  • Prepare a report comparing two cloud hosting vendors.
  • What are the KPI’s needed in the vendor?
  • Compare their service level agreements.
  • Complete the analysis with a recommendation for the vendor to use based on the analysis in the report.

Use reference and online sources to support your analysis.

Patel, P., Ranabahu, A. H., & Sheth, A. P. (2009). Service level agreement in cloud computing. Retrieved from
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Assignment Expectations

Prepare a report comparing two cloud hosting vendors using the criteria listed above. This should be a combination of tables and description as you present the comparisons of features and costs of the cloud hosting vendors. It would be advantageous to use the Excel skills you are learning in the SLP assignments. Excel output can be copied into Word documents; also, you can attach your Word analysis and your Excel analysis

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