Case Analysis Memo

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I have attached the Case Memo (file name: Enterprise System Implementation Failure: A
Strategic Response?)

Use the file attached to write memo and also format it using what is stated below on writing the case memo.

  • Need to understand your role and who you are writing for
  • Be sure you cover the key issues from the preceding
    slides, but don’t “just” answer the questions – structure
    your argument in a proper business memo
  • Don’t make claims you can’t back up from the case! ALWAYS back up statements with info from case!


For this assignment you are to assume the role of a consultant to CorpeX. Please prepare your response
to the following memo from Derek Greenfield.


To: A. Consultant
From: Derek Greenfield, IT Manager, CorpeX USA Head Office
Re: Strategy for Enterprise Systems in New Zealand Operation

As you know from the case Enterprise System Implementation Failure: A Strategic Response? we have
struggled to roll out our enterprise system in our New Zealand operation. I would appreciate your
analysis of our work to date and your advice on how to proceed from here.

Please provide your analysis in a memo with the following four headings (no executive summary is

  1. CURRENT SITUATION – an analysis of where we stand with respect to the enterprise
    systems project and our business needs.

    1. What you need to communicate

      • – Who is the decision maker? (that’s who you are
        writing to)
      • – What is/are the decision(s) he/she has to make?
      • – What is your understanding of the nature of the

        • Fit between Business Strategy, Organization and IT?
        • What is the significance of the decision for the
        • What are the causal factors that have led us to our
          current place?

      • No need to restate the case facts – they came from the decision maker BUT– Use case facts to provide evidence in support of your

  2. CRITERIA – the criteria we should use to evaluate any actions we take, why these are
    important, and how they will be measured.
  3. ALTERNATIVES AND RECOMMENDATION – what options do you think we should be
    considering, along with your analysis and recommendation of which option we should pursue.

    1. For each decision to be made

      • – Identify the possible options, including those given in the case
        and others that you may construct
      • – Identify the relevant criteria for comparing the options
        • The measures against which you will assess your options
        • Should flow from the current situation analysis
        • Need to explain
        – …why you selected the criteria you did?
        – …how they are prioritized?
      • – Assess each option against each criterion

        • Be thorough & balanced
        • Use financial analysis wherever possible
        • A table can be a useful tool, but it’s not a substitute for
      • – Make a specific recommendation, summarizing your analysis
        and relating it back to the problem statement
  1. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN – propose an action plan that translates your
    recommendations into a coherent and achievable set of activities that take into account the
    organizational context in which we operate. Please be as specific as possible with respect to the
    short term, medium term and long term actions we should focus on. Also, as far as possible please
    advise who should be doing what, the risks of your proposed plan and any contingencies we should
    prepare. If you suggest the use of consultants or other external resources, I would like your specific
    guidance on how to hire and manage these firms.

    1. Every decision you make requires an implementation plan – WHO needs to do WHAT, WHEN, HOW and WHY
      – Separate short term, medium term and long term actions
      • Short term address the immediate issue
      • Medium and long term address other issues that may be relevant
      • Be sure to define what you mean by short, medium and long term – Analysis of options should help identify key risks• e.g., the negative aspects of the option you chose may represent risks to be managed •Implementation plan also needs to consider risk mitigation
      – Decrease probability or impact – But also consider “plan b”


  1. Internet research is allowed, but not expected. If you do engage in online research, make sure
    you only look at materials that would have been available to the decision maker at the time of the
  2. Be
    sure that your writing is your own and that any source materials that you reference are properly
  3. The report is to be addressed to the decision maker in the case and appropriate for a practicing
    manager. This means that detailed descriptions of frameworks and theories are of less value than
    the application of relevant concepts to the specific problem the decision maker faces.
  4. Reports must be no more than 2,000 words inclusive of all text and graphics (that includes the
    memo header, date and your student number etc.). A penalty will be assessed for every word
    over the limit that you use.
  5. Format using single spacing, 1 inch margins and 11 point font.

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