case analysis

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1. Discuss the pros/cons to Mr. Boneparth of receiving either of these two potential pay package components (1,500,000 stock options or 250,000 shares of restricted stock). Assuming shareholders are fine with both pay packages, on economic grounds which compensation would Mr. Boneparth prefer? Why?

2. Why do restricted stock awards often include performance requirements, such as the operating cash flow requirement for Mr. Boneparth, in addition to service requirements? Why are stock options usually awarded without performance requirements? What factors should the Compensation Committee consider when determining the required levels of operating cash flows necessary for Mr. Boneparth’s restricted shares to vest?

3. When announcing second-quarter results on July 29, 2003, Jones initiated a quarterly dividend stating that ‘‘the Board of Directors has declared our first-ever quarterly cash dividend of $0.08 per share to all common stockholders of record as of August 15, 2003, for payment on August 29, 2003.’’ How might the switch from stock options to restricted stock in the compensation packages of Mr. Boneparth and other employees have impacted the Board’s decision to start paying dividends?

4. Explain the “say on pay” regulation. What would Jones’ shareholders do if “say on pay” existed during the period discussed in the case? Find and shortly describe a real-life example of a company that this regulation had a direct effect on its executive compensation.

Answer these four questions for the case and meet the requirements, the requirement is in the file, and also the case.

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