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Can you write my paper based on Fareed Zakaria’s book The Post American World RULES for assignment

In your paper answer the following questions: According to Zakaria, where will the U.S. fit in this post-American World? What role can it or will it play in this new world? What does Zakaria say about the approach the U.S. should take to address this “rise of the rest” as he calls it and what are his recommendations for the U.S.?

In conjunction with answering these questions based on Zakaria’s book I need you to include your own opinion on these matters stating whether you agree or disagree with Zakaria on all of these and why? Also if you have alternative answers or suggestions what are they?

In answering these questions keep in mind the different theoretical approaches to international relations and how these may enlighten any answer you give to these questions. Font 12 Times NEW Roman

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