can you write a four page essay based on “The Iliad” book?

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  1. Choose any character from Iliad as the subject of your study. This character should be one who means something to you personally. For example, he or she may remind you of yourself or of someone close to you.
  2. Choose three or four sections of the poem that include your chosen character.
  3. Write a three-to-four-page essay exploring how you connect to this character or how someone else you know connects to this character, supporting your claims with evidence. The best essays will provide textual evidence to build the profile of the character in The Iliad, as well as concrete points of connection to the person in question.

I need you to follow the instructions provided above. please follow the instructions carefully and no plagiarism

^ this is the only source you should use to cite which is the iliad book.

MLA style.

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