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La familia. Here is Ana Ochoa´s family tree. Use the information about her family and complete the sentences that follow.

Luisa and Eduardo are the parents of Silvia, Elisa and Daniel.

Marco and Juan are the sons-in-law of Luisa and Eduardo; Cristina is their daughter-in-law.

Daniel and Cristina divorced and Cristina remarried and had José with Roberto.

Luisa = Eduardo

Marco= Silvia

Juan = Elisa

Daniel #1 ≠ Cristina = Roberto #2

Marta y Camila

Nicolas y Pedro



1. Marco es el _________de Juan.

2. Marta, Camila y Ana son las _______de Elisa.

3. José es el __________de Cristina y Roberto

5. Nicolas y Pedro son los _______de Luisa y Eduardo.

6. Cristina es la ________de Marta y Camila.

7. Marta es la _______de Camila.

8. Luisa es la ________de Eduardo.

9. Nicolas es el _________de Marta y Camila.

10. Eduardo es el _______de Silvia.

11. Cristina es la _______de Luisa y Eduardo.

13. Luisa y Eduardo son los ________de Nicolas y Pedro.

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