I’ll rate read the question then answer it make sure to do all steps below no short answer please No handwritten answerERP Implementation Failure The Hershey Company’s* Executive Summary: A few para

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ERP Implementation Failure The Hershey Company’s

Executive Summary: A few paragraph descriptions of your project,  A synopsis of the major findings and recommendations about ERP implementation, Readers should be able to know exactly what you are recommending in your report.

Table of Contents: Includes major topic headings, all charts, and figures

* Methodology/Tool:  Includes all resources used in conducting the study: Interviews,Websites, Company/Organizational, Chart/Documents , Research Articles ,Microsoft Project Software.

* History of the company, IT/IS & ERP project:  Vision/mission statement: Any business problems, IT professionals proposing solutions, The existing IT infrastructure ,The existing IS systems, The proposed/Implemented ERP system.

* Environmental Analysis:

* Strategic ERP Implementation Plan: If failed, what are symptoms, causes and remedies? What are the strategic/tactical alternatives? Based on the data, why would you recommend ERP.

Internal Analysis for ERP Implementation: Again, there are many subsections: Management Capabilities, IT Resources – human and physical Financial Capabilities Technical Know-how•Staffing Capabilities

  Work Breakdown Structure (from the beginning to end of all your tasks):  Is a listing of the works/tasks involved in the project

•Defines the total scope of the project

•Is the foundation document in project management because it provides the basis for planning, managing schedules, costs and changes

•Enter all works/tasks into MS Project

* Recommendation:

* conclusion :

What you have learned from



•The use of technologies

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