homework Chicana/o in the Arts

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                                                     Assignment #1


In order to give me an idea of what words you are familiar with, please define the following words according to what you believe they may mean.


DO NOT use a dictionary, a thesaurus, etc… If you do use any sort of reference book or go online for  information, you will not receive credit for this assignment.


I want to see the definitions in your own words. As with all written assignments in this class, please use complete sentences, punctuation and correct grammar.


The assignment must be typed and double spaced. Please refer to the syllabus for the due date.


1.    Chicano

2.    Mexican-American

3.    Mexican

4.    Hispanic

5.    Latino

6.    Pocho

7.    Mestizo

8.    Art

9.    The Arts

10.Chicano Movement


12.Illegal Immigrant



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