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1. Unethical Communication Assignment:

Find two examples of unethical communication on the internet. For each example, describe the example and explain why it showcases unethical communication in 4-5 sentences. You should also include the URLs with each example.

2. Indian Article Summaries

Read the “Indian Resumes” article and the “Interview with an Indian HR manager” (both are available on Blackboard in Course Material). For each article, write a 2-3 sentence summary and write 1 sentence detailing a strength, weakness, or question you found/you had about the article.

3. Resume and job posting

Find a job posting for a position you might want to apply to. Using that job posting, revise your resume to fit that position. The resume and a copy of the posting is due Monday.

4. Cover Letter

Using the same job posting, begin drafting a cover letter for that position. Use the format and tips discussed in class (and available on Blackboard). Bring your draft to class on Monday (it does not need to be a complete draft.)

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