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Your Company Business Partnerships

For this assignment, take your company from last week and look at the business partnerships you would develop to support your new adventure. The needs of your company will have a variety of types of partners according to the products or services offered by your company. Write up a SHORT summary of ONE page or LESS answering the questions

For example:

  • Would your company use e-business activities with the partners for ordering or selling parts or services?
  • Would you use a web hosting service or your own company hardware and software?
  • Would your company design the website or outsource the development?


As the CEO of a company dealing with the production and distribution of books, the prospective customers for the books are likely to be the teachers or students of different education levels. The schools around the area of location of the company are the main target to supply them with the books.

The competitors of the company may be a wholesale company supplying books in the same market. It may also be a company selling second-hand books to the customers. A company selling e-books or music files can also be a competitor in the market.

So as to gather relevant information about the customers of the product, it is good to find out whether the people are literate and are able to read written information. It is important to understand which language the customers to avoid publishing of books using a language, which no one understands, use. Some of the questions to ask are, can the people read by themselves and understand or do they need an interpreter? How much can the customers afford to buy the books? Do the customers prefer home delivery of the product or buying from the company themselves? About the competitors, it is important to find about their selling price of the product. Do they offer after sales service of the product?

Employing sales representatives to distribute the samples of the books, which the company intends to introduce in the market, will help gather critical information. For instance, information that will predict the needs and the expectations of potential consumers will be gathered.  Also, the customers will access the details about the competitors.  Attending of workshops and seminars will equip one with skills on how to run the company thus the possibility of its growth.

As the CEO of the company, it is essential to consider marketing the business online as this increases the company’s profits due to increased sales. It is one of the growth possibilities of the organization. 

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