Business Ethics: What are the ethical implications of raising minimum wages to $15/per hour?

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Here are the details:


The business ethics research paper must be typed, double spaced and approximately 1200 words (word count does not include table of contents, appendices, and/or reference pages). Please do not exceed the required word count by more than 10%.

A title page is optional. If you do not use a title page, be sure to put your name, student number and course section in a header at the top of the paper.

Include page numbers and headings where appropriate.

Use APA format and cite all relevant sources.

You must include at least 6 references, half of which must be academic references. You must quote your sources in the body of the paper as well as at the end.


The paper is worth 30% of your overall mark.

You will be graded for knowledge and depth of the assigned topic and for application of course content to the term paper. You will also be graded on presentation. Your paper should be organized, easy to follow, and represent college-level writing. Please utilize the writing labs, if necessary, for help prior to submitting your assignment.

Marking Criteria- /30 marks

Your paper will be marked based on your

1) demonstrated knowledge and analysis of the topic content /10

2) application of the topic to business ethics concepts and principles covered in the course material /15

– this includes originality in presenting your ideas (i.e. no plagiarism)

3) presentation of the paper /5

– this includes readability and flow, appropriate length (1200 words +/- 10%), correct APA formatting and use of references, and proper grammar and punctuation.

Textbooks and Required Resources:
Sexty, Robert. Canadian Business and Society: Ethics and Responsibilities, 4th Ed. McGraw-Hill,

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