BIOT 645 UMGC Talent Management within the Human Resources Organization PPT

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1) Identify a vaccine currently approved in the United States, or currently undergoing clinical trials. For ideas, see the list at CDC You may choose any vaccine. You may wish to read through the assignment and do a quick search for manufacturing procedures to make sure they are available.

2) Carry out independent research into this vaccine and how it is currently produced. Normally there are papers listed on the page, or you can search PubMed, the UMGC library or similar services for information. Identify at least one peer-reviewed publication that describes the bioproduction of the therapy. If you are unable to find a description of how the therapy is produced, please go back to step 1 and choose a different vaccine. Not all vaccines are equally well described in the literature. In grading I will take this into account.

3) Prepare an approximately 10 slide presentation (aka Powerpoint ) which briefly reviews the vaccine and manufacturing process. The slide show should be designed as if you were giving at 10-15 minute presentation to class regarding your topic.

The presentation should contain:

  • Introduction (description of your vaccine and intended recipient)
  • Type of vaccine & manufacturer.
  • Market size of the vaccine. Amount of sales/profit made each year.
  • Manufacturing process for this vaccine. How is it made?
  • Timeline for manufacturing process.
  • Distribution, dosage schedule of the vaccine.
  • Success of this vaccine. Does it work?
  • Identify laws, regulations, and or statutes that apply to this product (if any)
  • Conclusion
  • References (not included in page count)

4) Prepare a “Talking points” document or use the “comments” section of the Powerpoint slide to describe the words you would say if you were giving this talk to class. This could be word-for-word of what you would speak to class, or bullet points of what you would say out loud when giving this presentation. The talking points are like making 3 x 5 cards to hold in your hand when giving a talk. What I recommend is that you write down word-for-word the first sentence of what you want to say when that slide is showing, and then you have bullet points for the main points you will make on the slide. Since I am always nervous when giving a talk, I like to memorize the first sentence, if I am standing in front of an audience and my mind blanks out, I can look down to the “talking point” and start with the first sentence, that gets me going and I remember the rest. You don’t want to recite a memorized script when giving a talk as it comes off poorly to the audience.

For example, talking points.
Slide X.
The exact words I will say for the first sentence.
-a point I want to make with this slide
-another point I want to make.
Specific example
Slide 1. (Title – Covid-19 Moderna.)
Thank you for giving me this time to talk to you today. We all know that there is a race to develop the first COVID19 vaccine. One company that is getting a lot of Attention is the Moderna, Inc COVID19 RNA vaccine.
– Moderna has published their clinical trial plan.
– Moderna’s vaccine is a novel RNA based vaccine, unlike other inactivated viral vaccines.

A Note about Powerpoint slides. The reason I want you to add talking points to your slide deck (either in the comments section or separately) is because I would like you to make your slides as if you were actually giving a real talk on this topic. Generally, when I see Powerpoint assignments, students are tempted to put way too much text on the slide because they are trying to tell the instructor what they would say audibly during the presentation. In a real situation you want your slides to be sparsely worded and mostly figures & bullet points (not complete paragraphs or sentences). You should communicate to your audience verbally, not through written text on a slide. As a general rule a slide should have about 3 bullet points of 5 words each of text on a slide.

5. Remember, this is a visual presentation. Include figures, graphics or other visuals in your slide deck. At least 80% of your slides must have a graphic on them. (picture, chart, etc). Points will be deducted if your slides are just black-and-white text.

Grading Rubric

What: 1 slide presentation posted posted in your Assignments Folder. The slide presentation should be of about 10 slides and contain ‘talking points’ either embedded in the comments section of each slide, or attached as a separate document. File(s) can be either Microsoft Powerpoint, Word or a PDF file.

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