Biodiversity Discussion post

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Biodiversity initial discussion post….. please make sure that
that it is 250 words long. Thanks in advance!!!

M1D1: Defining Biodiversity… for your neighbors

Make sure you have completed the first
activity, M1A1, and read and watched the required materials before moving on to
this discussion.

In the
previous activity, you checked your own understanding of biodiversity. You
watched the video “Official video of the International
Year of Biodiversity 2010 (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site.
” (Video, 8:26 mins) to learn more about the
Convention on Biological Diversity.

This served as an introduction to a variety of
topics we will be covering throughout this course. Although the video is
a few years old, the message from the United Nations (UN) about the alarming
biodiversity crisis we are facing globally remains the same today, if not
becoming worse. The UN declared 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity
to raise awareness of biodiversity issues facing all of humanity.

The message of the Convention on Biological
Diversity is clear: “Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life.”
Biodiversity provides us with wealth, health, food, and fuel, but despite all
these benefits (and more) we are failing to act to stop the alarming rate of
species extinction and ecosystem destruction. “The time to act is NOW.”

n this activity,
we want you to imagine using your new knowledge about biodiversity by sharing
with your neighbors, one of which is a potential employer.

Picture yourself at a
neighborhood cookout. Your neighbors know you are taking a class on

Your neighbor, Leah, who
happens to be the CEO of a new company, “Energy Unlimited”, which sells solar
energy panels in your area, is in fact looking to hire a public relations
person, someone with your knowledge of biodiversity and who knows to promote
solutions to environmental problems (…especially if they include switching to
solar energy). Here is your chance to show your chops and network with a
new potential employer!

Leah says to you: “I just
saw on the news that there is a big crisis related to some coral reefs in the
Philippines. Something about biodiversity, which I thought was only about
plants and animals. But the reporter was talking about the diversity of
ecosystems too. What was she talking about?”

Overhearing your
conversation, your neighbor Jerry says “I didn’t see it on the news but I took
a biology class in high school. I thought biodiversity was the diversity of
human races and had nothing to do with plants, animals, or anything else beyond
human genetics.”

As someone with an interest
in biology, ecology, and related areas (and also interested in networking to
perhaps get a new job), you know that many people are not aware what the
concept of biodiversity encompasses. Now is your chance to talk in-depth with
your neighbors, sharing with them what you have learned in this first module.
You want to help Leah and Jerry not feel so confused. What will you say to
them? Your discussion post will show you neighbors, especially Leah, how well
you explain a misunderstood and complex subject.

In your discussion post,
write a response (about 200 words) of how you would explain to your
neighbors and potential employers that do not have a background in
conservation biology, what
biodiversity really is, all that it encompasses, and why we should care about
saving it

Use your own words and
avoid complex terminology. You don’t want to see Leah or Jerry’s eyes glaze
over talking about the elements of biodiversity such as genetic, ecological,
and organismal aspects, but you still want to express the importance of and
what biodiversity means in your understanding of it. While these scientific
terms are important and will be used throughout the course, think of how much
you want to get your message across.

Think of this as an
exercise preparing you to apply your knowledge of biodiversity at the next
cookout or maybe your next Thanksgiving dinner, but also at a potential job

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