BIO121 Grand Valley State University Environmental Biology Presentation

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Environmental Biology BIO121Fall 2020

Neighborhood 50 Project List 2020

Create a PowerPoint presentation with pictures you have taken of each of the following taxa. Produce one slide per item. Download the free app Seek by INaturalist [ ] on to your phone to aid in identification. Many taxa are purposefully broad to allow flexibility, i.e. “Maple” can include any of the maple species present in our area-do your best to identify the species of which you have taken an image. Do not use domesticated plant or animal species (I’m not interested in corn, squash, dogs, etc.) This project will be due by 5pm  Friday, November 13.  “Wild Card” items are taxa that you run across while out and about that you want to include-they can be plants or animals.  Presentations are to start with a cover slide that has your name. For students in Europe, Asia, or Central/South America use your local plants and animals—use same number of plants and animals as listed below.

Oak    21. Poison Ivy   41. Gray SquirrelPine    22. Honeysuckle  42. One other native mammalMaple    23. Virginia Creeper  43. Wild Card Ash    24. Goldenrod   44. Wild Card Hickory   25. Queen Anne’s Lace 45. Wild Card   Redbud   26. Pokeweed   46. Wild Card Sycamore   27. Moss   47. Wild Card Ohio Buckeye   28. Lichen   48. Wild Card Eastern Red Cedar  29. Monarch   49. Wild Card Catalpa   30. Cabbage butterfly  50. Wild Card Northern Cardinal  31. Any other butterflyEuropean Starling  32. Any flyHouse Sparrow  33. Carpenter AntAmerican Robin  34. Hornet or waspany Woodpecker  35. Any grasshopperTufted Titmouse  36. Any mothCarolina Chickadee  37. Any beetleHouse Finch   38.  Orb-weaving SpiderAmerican Goldfinch  39.  Wolf SpiderOne other bird  40.  Fungus

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