BIO 120 Grossmont Membrane Proteins and Secretory Proteins Discussion Questions

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Q1 Explain why the polarity of the water molecule enables it to hydrogen bond with other polar molecules.

Q2 Explain how phospholipids are involved in the structure and functioning of the plasma membrane.

Q3 How are structure and function related in proteins ?

Q4 Match the description to the corresponding structure.

  • A structure within the nucleus where ribosomal RNA is made?
  • The organelle of a eukaryotic cell that contains genetic material.
  • The portion of the endoplasmic reticulum that lacks ribosomes.
  • The organelle in eukaryotic cells where cellular respiration occurs?
  • The network of protein fibers in a eukaryotic cell that is responsible for movement and structure?
  • The portion of the endoplasmic reticulum that makes membrane proteins and secretory proteins?
  • The site of protein synthesis?
  • The complex of DNA and proteins that makes up eukaryotic chromosomes?
  • The thickest of the three main fibers in the cytoskeleton. A hollow tube made of proteins called tubulins.
  • The phospholipid bilayer at the boundary of every cell. It acts as a selective barrier to the passage of ions and molecules into and out of the cell?
  • The organelle that uses sunlight to drive the synthesis of glucose from carbon dioxide and water?

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