BIO 120 Grossmont College How Is Meiosis Different from Mitosis Biology Questions

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Define the following terms:


  1. Locus:




Crossing over:

Explain the steps involved in meiosis? 

How is meiosis different from mitosis?

3- Draw and label each step of the eukaryotic cell cycle ?

4- Explain how Hershey & Chase were able to deduce that DNA was the molecule of inheritance ?

5- What aspects of DNA structure did Watson & Crick infer? Who helped them and how ?

6- Outline the process of DNA replication. What is meant by the phrase: “daughter DNA is synthesized in the 5’ to 3’ direction”?–iphLySzHApT_k9EE-h7/view?usp=sharingThe book if you need it 

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