Aubade – NewZealand’s Pine Log Industry ( Strategic Management 1500- 2000 words)

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Points to be covered are :

1. Competitive advantage grows out of the value a firm is able to create for its buyers that exceeds the firm’s cost of creating it. Discuss two(2) of the most significant competitive advantages as they relate to your chosen company.

2. Demonstrate how innovation could assist in a competitive advantage for your chosen company. Analyse the strategic role of the innovation/s to support your answer

3. Identify the appropriatere source bundle (including tangible and intangible) your chosen company could utilise towards achieving the competitive strategy.

4. Identify the two(2) most critical resources identified above and explain why they are the most important. You should include a description of how they could assist in a competitive strategy for your chosen company.

5. Critically evaluate two(2)marketing assets your chosen companies could utilise for sustaining competitive strategy

6. What do you think the biggest challenge to success will be in the future and what would you recommend your chosen company must do to mitigate the risk

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