AT5 Assignment

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Over the course of the week, do five nice things for people you do not know. Describe each situation paragraph by paragraph. For instance, what prompted you to perform the nice deed, what was the deed, and how did the person react to the deed? How did it make you feel afterward? Do you think your life would change if this one good act a day requirement was permanently enacted?

If you use any outside sources be sure to include a separate reference page. Refer to the resources mentioned in the Assignment Requirements Document for specific format requirements.


This assignment needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Include the following sections (with a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages of text beyond the title & reference pages):

-Title page (course #/your name/assignment #)

– Discuss your random acts of kindness (5-6 paragraphs)

– Discuss others/your own reaction to these good deeds (5-6 paragraphs)

– Conclude with your thoughts on this becoming a repertoire of behavior (1-2 paragraphs)

– Reference page (if you used any outside resources to garner your opinions)

  • Do not “directly quote” outside resources (e.g., the textbook). You should get used to paraphrasing outside resources, whereby you put the information in your own words while still citing the source from which you derived your information. Keep in mind that using anything more than three consecutive words of the outside source is considered plagiarism.

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