assignment two

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Visual Presentation

Scenario 1

This week you will present your course project Website options to the class to solicit feedback before constructing your final design.

  • Create three complete designs (each as a separate slide in Microsoft PowerPoint) of the home page from the media and options you have gathered and built in the first two weeks of the course. Submit these designs to the Discussion Area as early in the week as possible (you should use this feedback to choose the design you will implement in the Week 3 Project).
  • Select two of your classmates’ work and review their design options. Your review should include constructive criticism based on the color scheme, composition, and font used in the design. Select the best designs and provide your recommendation and overall comments.

Scenario 2

Visual presentation takes high priority in website design. Visual elements can be used to draw attention to specific content, guide the user experience, and identify navigational and other elements of interest on the website pages.

Visit the following websites:

Based on your observations, analyze each website by answering the following questions:

  • Which page element draws your attention the most? This is the focus of that page; is it appropriate for the page or does it seem misplaced?
  • Does the website provide a comfortable path through the page elements (such as logo, navigation, and content) or is it difficult to identify the important elements or the purpose of some elements? Why?
  • How are simple shapes and lines used to emphasize content? Is it a mindful choice or merely decorative?
  • Does the website conform to expectations related to its overall purpose and the intended audience?
  • Perform the same analysis on three additional websites of your choice. Which of these websites has the best interface? Justify with specific details.

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