Assignment—Personal Listening Preference

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1) Briefly describe the four stages of listening. 

Stage 1: Phonetic Identification (sound recognition)
Stage 2: Content Words (root words—basic meaning)
Stage 3: Syntax (context—meaning modification)
Stage 4: Meaning Selection (comprehend or clarify)

2) The lecture introduced four Listening Styles. Using just one sentence for each, describe a listening opportunity when you could use Informational Listening; a listening opportunity when you could use Critical Listening; a listening opportunity when you could use Appreciative Listening; and a listening opportunity when you could use Empathic Listening.

3) Describe your normal (most frequently used) listening disposition.(People-focused listeners get their energy from the speaker, and they become emotionally attached to the speaker’s story) (Content-focused listeners care about what is being said and not who is saying it.This listener focuses on facts and evidence and uses probing questions to test the credibility of the speaker) (Action-focused listeners are mostly interested in what will be done. They want to know concrete details and look for a plan of action) (Time-focused listeners are attentive based on time. Their day is so scheduled that “I have five minutes” actually means they will only listen for only five minutes)

4) Most of us have used each of the Listening Preferences. Many of us have a combination of two Listening Preferences; for example, a person who frequently listens with the intent to ‘fix’ a problem as soon as possible would have a combination Action Focused and Time Focused listening preference. Which of the four Listening Preferences (Links to an external site.), or combination of two or more of those four, best describes your normal listening? Support your selection with a description that explains your listening preference.

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