Assignment for Marketing Strategy (2500 words)

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Assignment for Marketing Strategy about Volvo Case Study.


Volvo’s brand position asks you to explore and apply the concepts of brand equity, brand personality and brand effectiveness

The challenge is to consider how these might be used by Volvo (Corporate) to develop a distinctive positioning strategy for a selected vehicle eg XC90 or XC40 that builds up its presence in Middle East and North Africa.

(Please Read the Full Case Study) I’ll attach it once I choose tutor.


Conduct your own background research and, by reflecting upon the group presentations, prepare a board paper or positioning paper that:

– Executive summary

– Outlines future marketing challenges Introduction/Background (Introduction Background, The development happing in the market, new things happing in the market, marketing challenges, in terms of products, prices)

– The Scope (is the are what I will cover and what I will not cover)

– Positioning, targeting, segmentation, branding & Brand Identify)

– Develops options to address the challenges (Literature Reviews).

– Quantify and qualifies the impact that addressing the challenge will have on the organisation’s future. (Findings)

– Prepares an action plan for the marketing strategy to be implemented. (This may be in the form of a route map, a graphic that shows the elements of the Action plan) (Concluding Argument plus Recommendations)

You are encouraged to include diagrams, images, tables, hypertext and infographics. references and endnotes these are not part of your word count. You are encouraged to write in a report format with an Executive Summary and provide a Conclusion and Recommendations.

Your report should be based on topical and relevant articles that provide supporting evidence of best practice. You are encouraged to use these articles critically. A report can be expected to cite between 15 and 40 journals articles.


The marking criteria are:

– Structure (intro, scope, signposting, logical development of argument.)
– Knowledge (uses of marketing theories, models and constructs, critical perspectives on existing knowledge matching theory and its translation into practice)
– Grounding (balance of theory and practice, critical insights offered, recency, relevance and topicality of content for the case.)
– Evidence referencing of sources, balance of journal articles with grey/secondary material from companies)
– Market opportunities (conclusion – gaps in existing literature, Recommendations – what next for case?)


Please note the following

– These questions should be answered in essay format. (Coherence and the Unity of Essay)

– 2500 words (10% Plus or minus)

A report can be expected to cite between 15 and 40 journals articles.

– Minimum 40 list of references.

– Harvard Style.

– Citation whenever you quote or summarise from a book or a academic article.

– 0% Plagiarism.

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