Assignment 2

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The other two teams will discuss the advisability of having the United States adopt a flat tax
system, rather than our present progressive tax system. Our present system has caused
significant controversies and contains many “favors” (deductions or tax credits) for certain
activities. Having a flat tax system, with few or no deductions, would be easily applied. One
team will be an advocate of having a flat tax system in the United States while the other team
will favor the present progressive tax system, with deductions and tax credits for various items
and activities.

All teams will complete a double-spaced paper, not to exceed 3 pages in length (not counting the title
page or the reference page), by the end of Unit 3. The title page should state the team’s task and list
the team members. The use of proper grammar will be assessed and included in the grading process.
Please make sure to identify a team leader to submit the final version of the paper to the Team
Assignment Dropbox under Unit 3

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