Assignment 10

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***Please make sure you following the scoring guide attached.

Reflection paper is professional and in APA format with a cover page and reference page if you have references. You don’t have to tell me anything about your scores on the SAS, just follow the Scoring Guide criteria.

mpact of Personal Attitudes and Values

Use your second copy of the Sexual Attitude Scale (SAS) to complete the values exercise again, and compare your answers to those from Unit 1. The value exercises are for your own information and reflection. The results do not need to be submitted to the instructor or revealed to your peers; however, you are required to submit a reflection essay, which will be graded by your instructor.

For your reflection essay, describe how—or if—your personal attitudes and values regarding human sexuality have changed as a result of this course and the research you have conducted to complete this project. Cite the research using current APA guidelines.

Be sure to address the following in your essay:

  • If you hold attitudes and values regarding human sexuality that may impact your ability to work objectively with others in your chosen profession, how do you anticipate successfully managing these differences in order to avoid negatively impacting your work?
  • What types of professional development activities can you identify that will help you develop a skill set to successfully address this issue?

Refer to the scoring rubric to make sure you have met the assignment requirements, and then submit your paper to your instructor. (Do not submit your values exercises—only submit your reflection paper.)

Assignment Requirements

  • References: Use a minimum of three recent (within the last six years) scholarly sources from your research or readings in this course. Note: Textbooks (including your course textbook) cannot be used as primary sources and cannot be counted as part of the reference requirement. Textbooks may instead be listed in the references section as auxiliary sources, in addition to the three required references.
  • Format: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines to cite your sources.
  • Length of paper: A maximum of four pages, double-spaced, in Microsoft Word.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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