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This quiz is based on readings and materials assigned for this Module. Please make sure you closely review your readings before you begin this quiz. Some questions require that you submit text, so when responding to the quiz questions provide written responses that are as comprehensive as possible (e.g., responses should be at least three sentences in length, if not longer). Reference your sources by using MLA-style citations.

Please note that some questions may be weighed differently than others and will have more points attributed to them.

  • What are the differences between instruction writing compared to other forms of technical writing that we have covered in this course so far? What are the similarities? When approaching instructions writing, what are three things that are most important to keep in mind as a writer? Why?
  • Why is testing for usability so important to technical writing? Make sure you include sources and examples to help explain your answer. If needed, use in-text citation to help support your claims.
  • Synthesize the assigned materials for this Module and provide your imagined team of colleagues a clear set of instructions for how to start testing a website for usability. This should be no longer than one paragraph and will need to demonstrate clear, succinct language, similar to the materials provided for this Module.
  • Provide a clear explanation of the CRAP principles by defining each letter of the acronym and how these principles can apply to better usability (or readability) of a document, such an online instruction manual or a recipe. You can use a website for an example. Include the link as needed.

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