Assessment 2: Critical review of strategic health issues

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Assessment type Critical review

Word limit / length 1,500 Words +/- 10%

Weighting 30%

Due date Sunday, Week 4 15 Sep 2018, , 5 pm Overview From your knowledge of the healthcare system, and your experiences of a workplace you have worked in or are familiar with, work on the strategic issue identified in Assessment 1, and critically analyse the issue. This assessment is built on the first assessment, as it aims to help you ground the theory of strategic health management in a workplace scenario that you are familiar with. In undertaking this assessment, you are developing the ideas and resources that will help inform Assessment 3. Learning objectives This assessment task is aligned to the following learning objectives:

Objective 1 – critically evaluate the concept of strategic management and the use of a strategic management model. Objective 3 – critically analyse and evaluate a range of skills and attributes relevant to being an effective health service manager. Objective 4 – identify strategic issues in health care and formulate and implement strategic management plans in relation to them. Objective 6 – incorporate the principles of justice and equity into planning and management of health services. Assessment details Your assignment should include the following: Describing the strategic issue and its strategic nature – A description of one problematic, or potentially problematic healthcare issue you have observed in a workplace organisation you have worked in or are familiar with. Please continue your work on the issue mentioned in Assessment 1. If necessary, you can seek permission use a different issue than the one from Assessment 1, however it is recommended that you build Assessment 2 on the original issue, to save time and be consistent throughout the assignments. – A description of looking at the issue, strategically or justification for the strategic nature of the issue from an ecological framework (e.g. how the issue is related to organisational, local, state and national levels).

MNG91220: Strategic Health Management


Justification/critical argument around the strategic issue (its drivers and consequences) – A critical rationale/argument around the key causes/drivers of the issue considering different attributes of a health services manager; why the issue has not been systematically addressed at different levels. Drivers of the strategic issue can be considered from a holistic point of view (e.g. different factors at different levels – issues related to population health, cost-efficiency, effectiveness of the services, such as consumers/staff satisfaction, managerial/organizational issues, etc.). – A critical argument about health care, justice and inequity consequences, if the issue stays unresolved (e.g. impacting on disparities and population health, budget/costefficiency, productivity/performance, etc.).

– Please incorporate different theories in discussing your review of the issue. – Please be advised that this assignment is mainly about theoretical points/argument about the issue, its drivers and consequences. There is no need to provide a remedial framework/plan for resolving the issue (this stage will be addressed in Assessment 3). – Please be advised that you are able to use some parts of Assessment 1, if relevant, however, information needs to be rephrased. Structure of assignment

Although there can be variations in preparing your discussion around assignment one, below outline can be considered in your writing. – A specific title for strategic issue – Strategic issue and its nature (e.g. including the justification/rationale that why the issue is strategic) – up to 3 paragraphs, 600 words – Drivers of strategic issue and its consequences if stays unresolved – up to 4 paragraphs, 900 words – References Using information from workplace: The assignments are designed to provide an opportunity to work with real workplace events to enhance the maximum relevance and possibility of translation of the work to practice. However, if there is no possibility of relating the assignments to the workplace, please describe the work in general terms and/or consider the case hypothetically. If using any real information from your workplace, it needs to be secondary (e.g. online report) not primary (e.g. conducting interview) as this would require ethical application. Use the information provided anonymously, and seek permission from your workplace, before the usage of the information for the purpose of the assignment. Writing a report – Please be advised that you can consider this report as an “evaluative report” (see link below). However, you can also just use the guidance provided above.

For additional assistance on writing a research report, visit:… Submission format This essay should be submitted in Word or PDF through Turnitin in Blackboard.

Please make sure you use the cover sheet provided when submitting assessments.

RUBRIC ATTACHED -must follow rubric. and must meet APA 6.0

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