Ashford University Biology Food and Medicine Discussion

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Directions: Please read the material provided and then craft a response to the following main questions posed to you. Once you have posted an original thread/reply, please respond to two other students’ posts in order to receive full credit. All entries must be thoughtful and convey your understanding of the biological aspects of the material. You must post an original thread in order to see other threads and responses. 

Postings and replies must be completed by midnight on the due date. Biweekly discussions will always be due on a Tuesday (by midnight), but it is strongly encouraged to complete at least your original response earlier than the due date so that other students may reply to your post in a timely manner. As always, be courteous to your fellow classmates. You do not have to agree with them. This is a classroom-style discussion and not a courtroom. Always be civil and respectful in your answers.

Discussion Topic 4: For this discussion topic, you will watch the sci fi classic, GATTACA! This movie’s central theme revolves around genetically modifying the genomes of unborn children in order to select for desired traits. This is a fun movie that speaks to the real implications of DNA testing and genome modification which is coming in the not so distant future. In some ways, we are already living in a GATTACA type environment right now.

GATTACA Movie Link Google Drive

After watching the movie, please answer the following questions?

1. One of the opening lines is quoted as saying that “Mother Nature” wants us to tamper with our DNA. Should we be tampering with the DNA in our body? When might be a good time to modify our genome? When might be a bad time to intervene with our genome?

2. How do you feel knowing that Vincent can be so harshly discriminated against solely based on his genetic fingerprint? What if jobs really took genetic testing into account, would that be fair business practice?

3. What is symbolized when Vincent beats Anton in a second swimming challenge, and thus, saving him again? Do you think that someone can outperform their predetermined genetic potential?

Please create an original thread addressing the questions posed, and please respond to two other students’ posts or replies.

Please answer the questions so I’m able to post it in my class discussion. Once you’ve done that I will send you two students to respond to. 


Araceli Mejia My hoped for the use of CRISPR moving forward in food and medicine would be to improve the properties of food, reduce food waste, and advance the global sustainability efforts of modern agriculture. Which will not only create a healthier lifestyle but also create more jobs and opportunities for the world. I think anyone in general would be afraid of anything that’s being modified even if it’s for the world’s benefit I believe there will always be a fear factor when it comes to something new and something that seems so unnatural as it wasn’t first created that wayRachel 1. What are your hopes for the use of CRISPR moving forward in food and medicine?I hope that CRISPR will allow for a decrease in infectious diseases, autoimmune conditions, non-pathogenic diseases, and cancer due to the fact that it can be used to cut and replace mutated genes. I also hope that using CRISPR in food can allow farmers to grow large amounts of their desired crops, ultimately being a strategy to combat world hunger. 2. What concerns do you have regarding the use of genome editing in our food and bodies?I have the same concern for CRISPR as I did for GMO foods. They are all scary. All genetically modified foods raise concerns because it is still new and can have effects on our bodies and our environments that are still unknown. However, I am still looking forward to the positive effects it can have because it has been proven to combat several diseases. 

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