Ashford University Biological Issues in Our Environment Discussion

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Discussion Topic 1: Large scale farming and overall human activity are creating biological issues in our environment. Greenhouse gases and mineral inputs into farming materials such as fortified soils, fertilizers and uncontrolled run off from these activities are leading to imbalances in critical nutrients such as Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P). Please read the following article detailing the lesser known N/P ratio as it relates to looming environmental disasters. 

Once you have read the article. Please create an original thread addressing the questions posed, and please respond to two other students posts or replies. 

The Global Nitrogen-Phosphorous Imbalance

  • What is one major implication resulting from an imbalance of the N/P ratio in soils, waterways and regional ecosystems? 

2. Will regions around the world be equally affected by N/P ratio imbalances? Why or Why not? 

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