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Read the article and discuss your reaction / thoughts (at least 150-200 words).

Read the following students post and leave small informal comments: (50 words for each is fine)

Student one: After watching the CBS news video about malware on Android/iPhones, I immediately checked my apps to make sure I wasn’t at risk. I don’t have a flashlight app, but I do use mobile banking and I’ve used my debit card information once through Google Play, just like Suzan Harvey. That definitely made me feel at risk. Now that I think about it, after downloading apps, a lot of the times I’d be asked for multiple permissions for other apps. Majority of the time, I would just click “accept” without thinking twice about it. I know better now of course. I try not to make a habit of downloading apps because a lot are just built in my phone already. To reduce the risk of being spied on, one should delete apps that they don’t use or that they feel are a bit fishy because they ask permission for unrelated things like location, contacts, messages, camera, microphone, photos etc. Although some apps are collecting information simply for advertising purposes, I still wouldn’t take the risk of giving out personal information. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Information does not have ethics, people do. Information does not care how it is used, it will not stop itself from sending spam, viruses, or highly-sensitive information. That’s why it’s crucial that people are made aware of the risks they are putting themselves in. SS

Student two: I personally have only been hacked once, that I know of, on Facebook. Someone was able to get a hold of my password and hacked into my account and began posting weird status updates and sending messages to random people. Thus, I am aware that hacking is a wide issue that can happen to anyone through any medium, whether facebook or really, any app. As the CBS News Video mentioned, there is a sense of the loss of identity when such hacking occurs and we really should be more aware to this as a public. I believe the public must be educated about these apps and the risk of being hacked so that they are most careful when it comes to downloading these apps and giving them their private information. Until the video mentioned it, I did not realize that the apps do ask plenty of information that is irrelevant to the app and it is just to get more data out of you. Thus, we all should be aware that we are at risk and must take our necessary precautions to avoid being a prey to these hackers. VC

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