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Analyze all the 7 prompts

1.5 pages for each prompt in total 10.5 pages 

Provide at least 3 quotes for each prompt


1) -Argues how William
Blake advocates the need for seeing beyond the senses.

2) -Demonstrate how
Keats’s poems, such as “Ode to a Nightingale” and/or “Ode on Melancholy,”
Exhibit a desire for death, but at the same time the need for not succumbing to
such a desire.

3) -Analyze how Wordsworth
argues the need for modern people to appreciate experience.

4) -Explain how
Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” advocates a concern for all living

5) -Pulling quotes from
the poems of either Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan” or Keats’s “Ode to a Nightingale”,
analyze the importance of imagination.

6) – Analyze how
Byron’s “The Prisioners of Chillon” Shows we must face how despair is entailed
with reality.

7) -Shelley’s poems
often argue a political position: Either for egalitarianism or against tyranny.
Using “Ozymandias,” “Song to the men of England” and/or “Sonnet: England  in 1819” as evidence, argue such a political position.


Introductory Paragraph (The essay’s first paragraph):

-Your introductory paragraph ends with a thesis; by “end”, make
sure it’s the last sentence of your first paragraph.

-Your thesis must take a position; it’s must explicitly state
you think people should (or should not) do. Your thesis should refer to the
character or he author; it should refer to people who exist in reality, don’t
write what you think is the author’s viewpoint; instead write your own.  

-Make sure that the position is worth arguing. In other words,
make it an opinion some people would disagree with it. If your position is one
that most people agree with, then is a week thesis that makes a week essay.

Your analytic paragraph (the 2nd paragraph, but also the
3rd, the 4th and the 5th at least)

 Open each analytic paragraph with viewpoint; state what
you think people should do; it should act as a sub-heading for your thesis that
also declares what people should do.  

1—Do not open your analytic paragraph by announcing the
story/poem/play/ and what happen in it, or what the writer believes. When
staring your analytic paragraph, try not to mention the work- or the author –
at all. Neither one relates to what should be your viewpoint.

– Do not open you analytic paragraph by mentioning the
characters and their problem; remember you must focus instead on opening with
what you think people should or should not do.

– Do not open you analytic paragraph with a quote. You must star
with  your own words, not the author’s.

2–Provide a quote. After you have finish opening with viewpoint
for your analytical paragraph, then introduce the quote; before writing it, you
may briefly relate the character’s trouble or situation that relates to your
viewpoint , You certainly want to name (narrator? Character? Authors? ) who
says this quote.

– Start the quote with a quotation mark and finish with one;
keep them close to the letters and each one should pint toward the quote.

-you must add citation after your quote.

-do not quote too much; no more that forty per cent  of the
paragraph’s words should be the author’s if your quote is that long or longer,
then you need to either edit your quote or write more.

3– Comment after you r quote in your words after your quote; do
not end the analytic paragraph with a quote.

-Write how your quote connects back to your viewpoint at the
paragraph’s beginning .

-do not write what happen next in the story or play after your

-Do not end your paragraph telling about characters; end it,
like you opening, without mentioning either the character or the author, again
end your paragraph by clarifying how your quote proves your papers arguments.
This will inevitably refer back to your opening paragraph’s viewpoint.  

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