Apply michael porters Competitive advantage for an article from harvard website deal with strategic mgmt

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This assignment covers the content in Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage. In this assignment you must pick an article from the Harvard Business Review website ( that deals with strategic management of a company. The HBR article MUST be related to the strategic management of a company. A number of these articles are listed in your syllabus.


  1. Describe Michael Porter’s model and its components. Pick an industry and describe how the different components of the model relate to the industry.
  2. Apply all components of Porter’s model to your HBR case, as a case review. Your response here must be at least a page, and will likely be more.

Instructions :

I have added a ppt for your reference. most importantly, Do not copy from any other source. writeup everything in your own words. I am good with paraphrasing but don’t copy text from article and add to the content. Instead of that I suggest to write up in your own words.

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