anthropology writing -165

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This is intended to give you an opportunity to respond to information brought up in the readings for each unit privately. You must explore (cite specifically examples from) TWO!!!!! reading in enough depth to show that you read and understand it. This is not simply a summary, you should include an analysis.

Word count: 400-450

Questions to consider (do not have to answer all of them):

What is the main premise of the article? What evidence does the author use to support this premise? What is your opinion? Why?

Did the reading overturn any previously held assumptions you held? What were they and what do you think of them now?

How does this reading relate to other course material or other readings and films that you have explored?

Basic grade breakdown:

organization, grammar, style 10%

explored at least one reading 70%

connected to other source 20%

>The best responses connect the reading to one other course source (reading, lecture, film) and add in a personal experience or reaction.

  • Choose any article from Unit 3 (or 4, but you’d have to read ahead):
  • Herdt “Sambia Sexual Culture”
  • Abusharaf “Unmasking Tradition
  • Nanda “Arranging a marriage in India”
  • Geertz “The Visit”
  • Nussbaum “A right to marry?”
  • Hong “Breaking the silence, making laughter”
  • Flood “Engaging Men in Ending Men’s Violence Against Women”
  • Pruitt “For Love and Money: Romance Tourism in Jamaica”
  • Doezema “Forced to Choose”
  • Vance “Negotiating Sex and Gender in the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography”
  • Seidman “Porn Wars”

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