Answers the 5 discussion questions below. Not a Paper

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1.Explain what you believe to be the two (2) greatest security controls
that could be implemented to help protect against shoplifting.
Additionally, consider the steps you would take if tasked with
implementing these controls.

2.Discuss the major role of law enforcement intelligence in combatting
domestic terrorism. Assess the importance of this role in preventing
future domestic terrorist attacks.

3.Suggest at least three (3) policy changes that you believe the law
enforcement intelligence community should make in order to increase
their effectiveness. Provide a rationale for your answer.

4.Industry knowledge suggests that some terrorists should be classified as
enemy combatants who do not merit the same treatment by our legal system
as a typical criminal. Defend or critique this viewpoint. Provide a
rationale for your response.

5.Create an argument for whom or what you believe should have the
authority to designate someone as an enemy combatant. Provide a
rationale for your response.

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